White up space capsule

White Up Space Capsule 美白太空舱



Red and green light promotes firmness of the whole body, which can gradually improve the skin color, reduce the wrinkles of every inch of the skin, and make the skin more elastic and firm. The 633nm light wave promotes collagen proliferation, wrinkle and anti-aging and timely collagen recovery. Skin vitality, care for every inch of skin, stimulate the activity, promote collagen proliferation, wrinkle anti-aging!

Red light 633nm + green light 532nm + blue light 415nm light wave composite effect

  1. Smoothes wrinkles, stimulates collagen chain regeneration, smoothes wrinkles
  2. Protection before sun exposure, whitening cabin can effectively reduce the chance of sunburn
  3. Auxiliary treatment of wound inflammation and infection, elimination of skin surface peas, eczema, wounds
  4. Repair after sunburn, reduce redness, itching, peeling after skin drying, enhance skin elasticity and thickness
  5. Whitening skin, enhance skin elasticity, tighten pores, improve skin microcirculation, stimulate collagen proliferation, and achieve whitening skin

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