About Vasilia Skin Care

Based on the skin conditions of our clients, we offer different facial treatments. Including:

  • A customised facial is tailored to your skin type
  • Deep-cleansing facials and balancing facials to thoroughly clean the skin, unblock pores and balance over-oily patches.
  • A nourishing facial for dry or temporarily dehydrated skin
  • A brightening facial is usually recommended for dull skin, or skin with uneven pigmentation.
  • Anti-ageing facials aim to improve the look and feel of skin that has visible signs of ageing.
  • Sensitive skin Facial will include gentle, calming skincare products.

The core belief is to leave you feeling radiant, confidence.

PMPS Detox Facial

PMPS Detox Facial is a Hi-tech facial solution from Sweden.

The product will break through the stratum corneum and granular layers of the skin ,exhaust toxins from the skin through the skin channels .

Achieve clean , clear and glow skin instantly.

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Step 2

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Vasilia Premium Facial Treatment

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