What is Bojin

Originating from Taiwan, Vasilia Beauty by Hitech is one of the best who brought ‘Bojin’ into Singapore’s beauty and wellness industry.

We specialize in Bojin or Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM massage for face and body.
Originating from Taiwan, the Meridian Tissue Manipulation(MTM) also commonly known as Bojin Therapy. It stimulates the body to self-heal while achieving a combination of results of beauty, contouring, pain and tension relief, health maintenance and hormone balance.
Our highly trained therapists use specially crafted buffalo horn tools to unlock knots in deep tissues and muscles while intensively and effectively targeting all 12 meridian channels (Body and the major organs). This provides significant relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia.

Our Bojin Benefits

Executed fully by hand by our professionally trained therapists, our Signature ‘Bojin’ therapy intensively and effectively targets all 12 meridian channels.

By being carefully tailored to your needs with custom-made tools, our unique therapy resolves the 3 key aspects of the body:

  • Chi: Clogged meridian channels and muscle tension undermines ‘chi’ and ‘xue’ circulation, causing one to feel uncomfortable, aches, numbness, pain and so on. Supreme Bojin effectively release tension and unclog meridian channel. This also restores harmony within the body and mind, relieving of urban stress and tension.
  • Health: The body and its major organs are governed by the major 12 meridian channels, ‘chi’ and ‘xue’. By managing the 3, the body will be vitalised and perform its functions efficiently.
  • Beauty: When meridian channels, ‘chi’ and ‘xue’ is insufficient, it affects our complexion, colour, weight, and even hair quality. This directly affects our we look.



Why Vasilia Bojin


While some others may also know bojin, we master it – it is not just about tackling a particular meridian but we understand how the ‘chi’ flows through the body. Hence, we emphasise on preparing the body for bojin through numerous ways, the different meridian channels that are inter-linked, we help our customers plan their beauty and health regime here.

Our stellar record with customers and several award accreditation within the industry help to support this and we take pride in continually spreading the word of Vasilia Bojin.

Our Signature Bojin Therapy

We use all natural ingredients products

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